Sirach 30:14 It is better to be poor, but healthy and strong........

Sirach 30:14-16
14 It is better to be poor, but healthy and strong, than a rich person whose body is afflicted.  15  Being healthy and fit is better than any gold, and a strong spirit is better than untold riches. 
16No wealth is better than a healthy body, and no gladness is better than happiness in one's heart.

When we are under the influence of an addiction of food, it can tend to effect us like alcohol due to the high sugar content in many binge foods of choice. It can bring us down and effect our health as well as our spirit. If we are down and out, it can hinder us from many opportunities to be available to serve the Lord and others.
I find when I am on the right path of eating healthy and drinking plenty of water, I have a more sound mind and more energy to be available to serve others.  
Special Tip:  (If you take your weight and divide it in half, that should be the amount of water one should drink each day.) 
Imagine how effective we can become in serving others when we are ful…

Psalm 23: The Lord is my Shepherd

Psalm 23
The Lord is my Shepherd
 During my search for scripture to help with my food addiction, I was led to one of my favorite Psalms in the bible, Psalm 23.   The following is how the Lord spoke to my heart as he guided me with a whole new meaning with each verse.

The Lord is my shepherd: I've always thought of the Lord as my Shepherd and I was in awe with this picture as it shows Jesus providing food for the lamb.  My Shepherd is always there to turn to for my spiritual, emotional nourishment as well as my physical nourishment through the Eucharist whenever I need him each day. 

There is nothing I shall wantI have everything I need in Jesus and and I don't need excessive food or drink that is not good for me.  

He lets me rest in fields of green grass and leads me to quiet pools of fresh water: Fresh water is the best drink for our bodies. When I drink the right amount of water each day, it will give me more energy then any coffee or any energy boosting drink. 

He gives me…

How my surrender to God's word regarding food addiction all started! (Sirach 37: 27-31)

Sirach 37:27-31  "My child, as you go through life, keep your appetite under control, and don't eat anything that you know is bad for you.  All food doesn't agree with everyone and everyone doesn't like the same kinds of foods.  Don't feel that you just have to have all sorts of fancy food, and don't be a glutton over any food.  If you eat too much, you'll get sick: if you do it all the time, you'll always have stomach trouble.  Gluttony has been the death of many people. Avoid it and live longer."

A year ago on 5/16/17, I decided to stroll through the gardens at Our Lady of Good Counsel church in Plymouth, Mi.  I stopped to pay a visit with Mary to pray and there was a sign that caught my eye at the entrance.  It quoted John 2:5 where Mary told the servants to "Do whatever he tells you", referring to Jesus at the marriage at Cana.  I thought to myself, ok, I wo…
Psalm 16:8 I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

My Dear Child,
When you are feeling the need to turn to food for your comfort today, please remember that I am here for you to bring you the comfort to which you are longing.  Please don't feel shaken by whatever is troubling you.  I will hold you with my right hand and I will carry you through any struggles you may be having today.  I understand your urge to numb your pain and to push your emotions down deep so you can temporarily place all of your struggles on hold while you enjoy the pleasures of your overeating.
During times like these, try to remember that your temple is filled with the Holy Spirit and when you turn to the flesh instead of to the Spirit within, it saddens me that you won't feel the peace that I can give you.  
I am alive in you and my flame shines bright! When you fill your emotions with food, it burns out the flame leaving you with darkness, sadness and the emptine…